The women behind SERENA

Sueyfer De La Torre

Sueyfer is an international business manager specialised on international relations and social media marketing. She is a supporter of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and has a giant passion for creativity. Her entrepreneurial spirit encouraged her to bring to life multiple projects focused in advancing inclusion and gender equality all over the world.

Chhavi Sharma

Chhavi is currently a penultimate year student at The University of Hong Kong pursuing her undergraduate degree in Computer and Cognitive Science.

She was a visiting research scholar The University of St. Andrews, Scotland in 2019 where she worked alongside their Computer-Human Interaction group to research about the future prospects of incorporating Augmented Reality into the field of Data Visualisation:

Mickey Gast

Mickey is a content writer based in the Netherlands via Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She writes about creativity, innovation, personal finance, and why we all need to think about sustainability. Online, you can find her at But if you want to meet her real life, she’s probably out for a stroll somewhere in The Hague (taking pictures and eating massive amounts of olie bollen).