DailyDesignist by Chhavi Singh

Hi, Chhavi! Can you tell us a bit about DailyDesignist? Why did you start this business?

DailyDesignist is an art platform promoting women artists, especially stay-at-home moms. We help them showcase their original, handmade paintings on our artisan marketplace and art gallery. This is our way of providing exposure and appreciation for their hard work and love for the Arts. 

I started this website to empower women artists and let them shine in their journey.  I know that a lot of artists create beautiful paintings, but then these paintings end up forgotten in a garage, basement or attic. 

That’s because the artists don’t know how to bring their art to the world or connect with an audience. So the validation part is missing. 

Secondly, the Arts market is still considered a male-dominated one. Only twenty percent of women artists make it to art galleries, museums, exhibitions and shows. They are nowhere close to the top of the pyramid. 

This is how I came up with the idea of disrupting the Arts market and creating a marketplace that is accessible and affordable. I want to have women artists at the forefront and driving this change.

What has been your biggest success since you’ve started?  

I have truly felt the full support and encouragement from the women artists (globally). People really understand my idea and rationale behind it. They are really welcoming this novel idea. They want to connect with us and make it happen. 

Women Artists are motivated by this platform and want to see their success through DailyDesignist’s success. 

Another highlight came in December 2019, when “New Indian Express” newspaper interviewed me and covered DailyDesignist’s First Art Exhibition (by Women Artists) at Taj Krishna, Hyderabad, India. My first ever (hour-long) podcast on “DailyDesignist” went live last year on various platforms like Spreaker, ITunes, Iheart radio.

What was your biggest challenge when you started your business? How have you dealt with this challenge? 

Reaching out to people and building an audience. Also, finding out the hidden and emerging talent. We overcame this challenge by using social media as well as word of mouth.

What advice do you have for aspiring women entrepreneurs or startup founders?

Listen to your heart and take charge of what you have always wanted to do. Things won’t alway be easy, but knowing that you are doing this for greater good will keep you moving.

Always have confidence and faith in yourself, as that is the most important in this entrepreneurial journey. And keep reading success stories and try to take away key points and keep yourself motivated.

What are you most looking forward to over the next 12 months? 

Creating a unique brand name and popularity of DailyDesignist across the global art buyer/artist community.

Is there anything else you’d like to share? 

DailyDesignist is going to launch its online art classes soon. Women artists will be the art teachers – conducting classes for students from all over the world. Anyone can attend the live and on-demand classes for various art forms and skill levels. 

Request for Women Artists to join our platform for free by downloading “DailyDesignist Artists” app. Art Lovers/Buyers to download app “DailyDesignist”. Available in iOS and Google Play.

Thank you for taking the time to share your story with Serena!