MissionC by Andrea Orsag & Eva Nedelkova

1) Why and when did you start this business?

Together with my business partner Eva Nedelkova we have co-founded MissionC in March 2018. MissionC is a strategy advisory firm on a mission to accelerate the transition to Circular Economy and sustainable future. 

WHY? We live in pretty exciting times – AI, VR, pineapple leather, bionic limbs, self-driving cars, Amazon rainforest burning, biodiversity loss, climate strikes … The developments can be often confusing, overwhelming and changes terrifying. What will the future look like? Where are we heading? Do we get any say at all?

We see a conscious world where people and organizations thrive. A world where individuals understand their impact and take responsibility for their actions. A world where businesses prosper and create positive value for people and our planet. 

We love teaming up with business leaders and passionate change-makers from all sectors to multiply our impact and drive this global change together.

Andrea Orsag & Eva Nedelkova

2) What has been your biggest success since you’ve started?

We are greatful for all the opportunities to spread the message and collaborate. It’s great to see that Circular Economy is becoming more practical and starts resonating with broader audiences – from businesses, governmental organisations, academics as well as individuals. We are glad we could shape and lead Circular Economy session during the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019, share our insights with the One Young World community, Universities, speak at many public and private events and consult with leading organisations.  

3) What was your biggest challenge when you started your business? How have you dealt with this challenge?

Both me and Eva have  business background – we have been working in the field of Strategy, Risk management, Leadership and Digitalization before starting MissionC. At the beginning it was challenging to frame the concept of Circular Economy in a way that resonates with businesses. Making it clear that it is opportunity that can help them to generate win for profit, people and planet. And demonstrating how to move from a good sounding concept to practical solutions. I do believe it is our strong business background that is helping us to bridge the gap between business and sustainability – speak business language. Failure to act on risks linked to sustainability can be translated into the financial risks and threats to the licence to operate – which is essential for the business continuity. We have to move beyond having sustainability as a job description of a person sitting in a silo in the corner to tick the box. Sustainability needs to be embedded in the corporate strategy. Clear targets need to be set and transformation to reach them carefully executed. Engaging and empowering people whether employees or external stakeholders is very important. 

4) Do you have any tips for successful work habits you have developed since starting your business? 

Focus. It’s the tip I would like to share and at the same time a challenge I am currently working on myself. When you are passionate about something there are many interesting insights and something new to explore and learn all the time. It’s important to set the priorities. Another tip I would like to share is to talk to people who inspire you, who you can learn from and who can help you. The power of networking is tremendous. You never know where certain link might take you. Be authentic and follow up. Build relationships rather than amount of connections. 

5) What advice do you have for aspiring women entrepreneurs or startup founders?

The world is full of opportunities. And the time to act is now. Explore what drives you – where you passion lies. And how you can use your skills to bring this passion alive. How can your passion and skills help to solve the problems we as humans are currently facing?

Do your research, find communities, gain experience, get involved in activities that will help you build your knowledge and network. And do not be afraid to ask for help. Once you are clear on what to do – do it. Go and change the world.